Police patrols to be stepped up in Holbeach

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Police are to step up patrols in an area of Holbeach in response to residents’ concerns over rowdy behaviour and boy racers in the town.

It comes after unconfirmed reports of damage to Stukeley Gardens last week, with parish councillor Graham Rudkin suggesting that it was caused by a motor vehicle.

He said: “At some point over the weekend of March 9 and 10, someone in a car or motor bike drove over the grounds and caused a hell of a mess there.

“The parish council looks after the upkeep of Stukeley Gardens so I’m disappointed that someone could have done so much damage when you think of the amount of people who go in there.”
A Lincolnshire Police spokeswoman said: “There have been no specific complaints from residents about vehicles driving in the Stukeley Gardens area, but it remains a concern for local peeple so it is part of a hotspot area that is regularly patrolled.
“Residents are asked to call 101 with any reports of crime as they are occurring.”