Police launch summer drink-drive campaign

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DRUG users will be targeted alongside drinkers this year as police launch their summer drink-drive campaign.

With a long, hot summer on the cards police will test drivers round the clock – including mornings to catch those still over the limit from drink consumed the night before.

Field impairment tests (FIT) will be used to test drivers suspected of taking drugs.

Last June alone some 120 people in Lincolnshire either failed a roadside breath test or refused to give one.

Since April 2010, Lincolnshire Police have breath-tested more than 17,000 people and 1,163 of those were put before the courts.

Drink drivers are responsible for a huge death and injury toll on our roads.

In 2009, 17 per cent of the people killed in road crashes nationally lost their lives because a drink driver was involved – and a staggering 12,000 people were injured in alcohol-fuelled crashes.

A police spokesman said: “We remind drivers that the risks they run by committing this offence have far reaching consequences.

“Hundreds of people die needlessly because of their actions and the effects on their own families, liberty and livelihood should be taken into consideration.”

Lincolnshire Police accident investigator PC Mark Hamilton said: “Although socially unacceptable, drinking and driving continues to blight the lives of the people of Lincolnshire.

“With this continued effort to make people aware of the danger they pose to others and themselves we hope to see further reductions in drink and drug driving occurrences and make the roads of Lincolnshire safer for all.”