Police in weekend crackdown on drinking

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Police are cracking down on street drinking this weekend – and places that sell drink to street drinkers and under-age drinkers.

The step is part of a national police campaign that will see forces across the country encouraging drinkers to take responsibility for themselves on a night out.

Local officers will use ‘Track Back’, identification numbers on bottles and cans to find out where alcohol was bought from, a tool that enables them to target premises that are selling to street drinkers or under-age drinkers.

A police spokesman said: “Lincolnshire Police will also question those involved in incidents where alcohol consumption is a key element to establish where and when alcohol was bought and consumed.

“This will help us build up a picture of any specific problem areas we can take steps to address.

“Plain clothes and uniformed officers from the Alcohol Licensing Department will be on duty over the weekend, visiting premises around the county.

“Part of this activity is intelligence led and is aimed at venues where we believe criminal behaviour is regularly occurring.”

One police force – Northamptonshire – found 27 per cent of all incidents reported in one 24-hour spell were drink-related and that didn’t include the demands on police time from weekend drinkers.