Police called after defendant refuses to stand before judge

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A POLICE back-up had to be called to Spalding Magistrates’ Court after a defendant refused to stand before a district judge.

Daniel Krawczakpuskas (22) questioned the jurisdiction of the court as a “Freeman on the Land” when he appeared to face a charge of using threatening, abusive or insulting words and behaviour on Thursday.

Freemen on the Land believe they can opt out of being governed by legislative acts.

Court staff were also concerned about seven people who accompanied Krawczakpuskas when some were found to be carrying knives.

Officers were called to arrest Krawczakpuskas when he refused to stand and enter a plea to the public order charge at the court.

District judge John Stobart warned: “If you do not stand up and plead to this offence you will be arrested.”

Mr Stobart left the room when Krawczakpuskas continued to defy the request.

When Krawczakpuskas left the court building, Mr Stobart issued a warrant for his arrest, treating the refusal to stand as a breach of bail conditions to appear at the court.

Krawczakpuskas was arrested and taken to Boston Police Station where he spent a couple of hours in the cells.

However, Mr Stobart requested he be brought back to Spalding to be dealt with in the court’s afternoon session.

Krawczakpuskas reappeared flanked by two police officers – and this time politely adhered to court procedures.

He pleaded guilty to a public order charge from September 30.

Prosecutor Rebecca Ritson said police on duty in Spalding town centre were asked to attend the Punchbowl on New Road at about 10.30pm.

She said: “When they approached they saw him jogging down the pavement towards Red Lion Street waving his arms above his head with his middle fingers up shouting **** you.”

Miss Ritson said he was eventually detained by door staff at the Bentley.

Krawczakpuskas was warned about his language but continued to be abusive and was arrested.

The court was told Krawczakpuskas later refused to get out of the police van and was kicking and spitting. He was taken straight into a cell, where he spent the night.

Krawczakpuskas, of The Crescent, Spalding, apologised to the court when he finally addressed the judge, who in turn told him his earlier outburst would not be taken into account.

“I will deal with this on its merits, it’s all forgotten,” he said.

Krawczakpuskas received a conditional discharge for 12 months and was ordered to pay £85 towards prosecution costs.

Mr Stobart said: “Go out and enjoy yourself but steer clear of these officers.

“I would like to thank the police and other officers for dealing with that earlier situation.”

• AFTER his arrest in court on Thursday, police officers had to take defendant Daniel Krawczakpuskas the 15 miles to Boston Police Station for his short cell stay because of a trial closure of Spalding’s custody suite.

The cells in Westlode Street closed on October 3 as part of a three-month experiment to save Lincolnshire Police cash.