Police arrested vodka drinker out in his new ‘toy’

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A car buyer drank vodka before setting off in his new “toy” – the car he had just bought – and was nearly three times the legal drink-drive limit when police stopped him.

Vytautas Cirvinskas (26), of Riverside Park, Spalding, didn’t have insurance for the vehicle when police saw him on the A16 at Sutterton at 3.30am on September 22.

Paul Wood, prosecuting, told Spalding magistrates the Rover 45 was being driven a little too slowly, one of its rear lights wasn’t lit and the car was “weaving within the carriageway”.

A test showed Cirvinskas had 97 microgrammes of alcohol in breath – the legal limit is 35mcgs

Mr Wood said the drink increased the risk of an accident and the lack of insurance reduced the possibility of someone being compensated had there been an accident.

Spalding magistrates briefly adjourned the hearing on Thursday for a same-day report from the probation service.

When the hearing resumed, probation officer Chris Payne told the court: “He had just purchased the new car, later he was drinking vodka with friends and foolishly decided to take his new toy for a drive.

“He tells me that he is well aware of the fact that driving after drinking should not be done and admitted that he was disinhibited by the vodka.”

Magistrates sentenced Cirvinskas to a six month community order with 80 hours unpaid work, banned him from driving for 26 months and ordered him to pay £85 costs and a £60 victim surcharge.
He can cut six months off the ban if he completes a rehabilitation course.

He pleaded guilty to both charges.

Solicitor Rachel Stevens, mitigating, said: “He very much regrets it and doesn’t think for a moment that what he did was right and has learned a very hard lesson from it.”