Pig worker faces jail for trying to kill a housemate

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A PIG worker has been found guilty of trying to murder a Spalding woman during a “horror” attack in which she thought he was trying to rip her heart out.

Christine Seymour (59) feared she was being treated like a piece of pork as Andrzej Chranowski (34) pushed his hands inside her gaping chest after stabbing her with a pair of surgical scissors.

Miss Seymour survived despite suffering four life threatening wounds – one just a centimetre from her heart.

On Friday a jury found Chranowski (pictured in handcuffs) guilty of attempting to murder Miss Seymour. He was also convicted of wounding another housemate, Pawel Kaczmarczyk.

Judge John Milmo QC adjourned sentence until January but warned Chranowski he was considering passing an indeterminate jail term for public protection.

Security was beefed up for Chranowski’s trial at Lincoln Crown Court – with extra security staff and police officers flanking the court room.

The jury heard two of Miss Seymour’s neighbours had already fled the three storey property they shared in Green Lane when Chranowski began the attack in an outside passageway.

Giving evidence from behind a screen, Miss Seymour said: “As I was stood there on the phone he lunged at me.

“I noticed he had something in his hand, I wasn’t sure what it was, it looked like a pair of scissors in half because there was an orangey bit at the top.”

Miss Seymour described how she told the person on her phone “Andrezj stabbed me.”

She added: “I felt a pain and something warm. The next thing I remember I was on the floor, my head was laid up against the wall. I felt something was ripping across my chest.

“I got the impression, because he worked with pigs, that he thought I was one. It just felt like he was trying to rip through to my heart, I just thought he was trying to rip my heart out.”

Miss Seymour told the jury Chranowski then picked her up and threw her inside the property after shouting “lay there and die.”

“I tried to crawl to my room because I thought I was safer there. When I started to crawl to the door his head shot up, he had a look of horror and amazement on his face.”

Miss Seymour told the jury at that point Chranowski swore and said “your not dead yet,” before lifting her onto her own bed. “He lifted his arm to come at me,” Miss Seymour added. “That’s when the police came in.”

The jury heard when a police officer arrived Chranowski calmly asked for a cigarette to be lit and confessed “I’ve just killed a woman with this,” still holding the scissors.

Miss Seymour was rushed to Boston’s Pilgrim Hospital for life saving surgery.

A consultant described Miss Seymour’s stab wounds which included a wound 8.5cms long and 4.5cms deep as the worst he had ever seen.

Michael Cranmer-Brown, prosecuting, said there appeared to be no reason for the attack.

Police discovered the horror scene after being alerted by residents.

“Miss Seymour was lying on her bed in a pool of blood,” Mr Cranmer-Brown added. “You could see the blood pumping inside her chest.”

Chranowski, who listened to the case through a Polish interpreter, was arrested at the scene but claimed somebody else was responsible.

He denied attempting to murder Miss Seymour and wounding Pawel Kaczmarczyk on February 2 this year.