Persistent and ‘aggressive’ beggar in court

James Waxman has been given an ASBO (Anti-social Behaviour Order) by Boston magistrates.
James Waxman has been given an ASBO (Anti-social Behaviour Order) by Boston magistrates.
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A homeless man has been arrested on suspicion of begging just days after magistrates banned him from doing so anywhere in the country.

James Philip Waxman (33), of no fixed address, is due before Grantham magistrates today charged with begging and breaching an ASBO (Anti-social Behaviour Order) imposed by Boston magistrates on Wednesday.

Waxman was given the ASBO when he was sentenced for causing a public nuisance by begging in Spalding which meant he was not allowed to beg or be ready to beg in any public place in England and Wales indefinitely.

But he was arrested by police on Friday in connection with begging and he appeared before Lincoln magistrates on Saturday when he was remanded in custody ahead of today’s hearing.

Previous reports of traders and women being stopped in The Crescent by someone begging for money were followed up by police and Waxman was arrested last December.

A spokesman for The Crescent Traders Association at the time said: “These incidents are happening in the daytime but they are still unnerving and frightening to experience if you are on your own.”

Spalding community policing inspector Jim Tyner said: “Some people may consider begging to be harmless but we were receiving numerous calls about the aggressive and anti-social nature of Waxman’s begging.

“Poverty is not a crime and along with local charities, we have tried to support Waxman but he would not accept our help and the ASBO gives the courts increased sentencing powers.”