People reach out to Spalding bag snatch victim

Shelia Maggs on her mobility scooter. SG060316-114TW
Shelia Maggs on her mobility scooter. SG060316-114TW
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The disabled pensioner who fell victim to a bag snatch has won the hearts of the people of Spalding.

Sheila Maggs rode into town on her mobility scooter on Tuesday, when stall holders showed their love, saying it with free gifts of flowers ... and fruit and veg.

Sheila’s granddaughter, Claire White, said: “She’s quite emotional, but happy emotional.”

Yesterday (Wednesday) was another lovely milestone for Sheila as she celebrated her 77th birthday.

Among her gifts was a planted arrangement of bulbs, a present from all of the staff at the Spalding Guardian.

Sheila was reunited with some of her treasured belongings on Monday, four days after her handbag was snatched from the basket of her mobility scooter as she rode through Spalding’s St Mary and St Nicolas Churchyard.

Thieves stole £42 from the handbag and then threw the bag down in a riverbank spot on Cowbit Road, scattering the contents and leaving them to be soaked by rain.

Someone who knows Sheila spotted the bag on Sunday evening and handed it to police.

Sheila’s daughter Angie Kiely told us: “She had her diary, not that readable, but she can see this month. She’s put it on a radiator to dry out. There are some photos, but not all of the ones she had in there, and they are very wet too.”

Following the bag snatch, police advised Sheila to have a cover on her mobility scooter basket.

Angie is pleased one of her mum’s bingo friends is now “making a cover for her basket to make it safer and no one can see what’s in it”.

Police described the men who approached Sheila in the churchyard as white and in their early 20s – one wore a puffa jacket and a white cap.

The Vicar of Spalding, the Rev John Bennett, condemned the theft as “callous and cowardly”, and urged residents to report the culprits to the police.

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