Pensioner’s plea for milk thieves to stop

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AN ELDERLY resident has called for thieves stealing doorstep milk deliveries to think about the consequences of their actions.

Christine Taylor says she and several neighbours in Irby Crescent, Whaplode, have been hit by the thefts, which occur very early in the morning, over the past couple of weeks.

And she said some of the elderly residents rely on the deliveries for their milk as they are unable to get to the shops to buy more.

She said: “One of the ladies is 100 years old and she can’t get out to get more milk.

“It can mean that people can’t have any breakfast until someone else is able to bring them more milk.

“I just want the people who are doing this to think about the effects it has on the people whose milk they are stealing.

“Or perhaps the parents have an idea they are doing it and can shame them into stopping.”

Mrs Taylor says the thieves take several pints each time, with two pints being stolen from her doorstep on Monday morning.

Another neighbour had her milk stolen, but a loaf of bread was left behind.

Mrs Taylor added: “I am fortunate in that I can still get out and about to get more milk if mine is stolen, and I will go and get it for other people if they need me to, but it just isn’t right if people have to go without a cup of tea or their breakfast because of these thieves.

“It’s the cost of it as well. We are paying for our milk to be delivered and then having to pay for it again because it has been stolen.”

She said there have been previous spates of milk thefts, with other areas of Whaplode being affected too.