Pensioner denies causing death crash

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An elderly motorist accused of causing a fatal crash has told a jury that he was on his correct side of the road when he was involved in a collision which resulted in the death of a cyclist.

Walter Coupland denies causing death by careless driving following the collision which occurred as he turned left off Broadgate onto Parsons Lane at Whaplode Drove.

Cyclist Ken Usher (77), of Dowsdale, Crowland, died as a result of the incident in February 2012.

Coupland told the jury: “I was just my side of the centre white line when the collision occurred.

“You have to take that turning very, very steady. That was what I was doing. If you don’t do it like that then you don’t know if there is anybody coming up the road.

“I didn’t expect there would be a collision. When the collision happened my windscreen was shattered. I didn’t know what it was. It happened so quick.

“In over 50 years of driving I’ve never had a speeding ticket or an accident.

“I’m very sorry for what happened. I did take care. I came round the corner and he was right against the white line.”

The jury has heard that the collision occurred as Coupland was on his way to visit a relative at Throckenholt.

Mr Usher, a veteran cyclist, was out on his daily ride on his custom-built three wheeler.

The prosecution say the collision was caused by Coupland straying over the centre white line.

Robert Underwood , prosecuting, told the jury: “Ken Usher was blameless. The cause of the collision was the careless driving of the defendant.

“He drove his car across the centre line road markings and as a consequence he struck Ken Usher. We say his driving fell below the standard to be expected of a careful and competent driver.”

Coupland (81), of Winsover Road, Spalding, denies causing the death of Mr Usher by careless driving on February 3, last year.

The jury was continuing its deliberations on Monday afternoon after retiring on Friday to consider its verdict.