Pastor backs booting out of burglar

Pastor Tomasz Buraczek.
Pastor Tomasz Buraczek.
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People convicted of serious crimes after moving to Spalding have been warned they face being kicked out of the UK.

The warning comes from John Hayes, MP for South Holland and the Deepings, after a man jailed for breaking into a town shop was thrown out of the country.

Lucasz Jalocha (26), jailed for 20 weeks after breaking into Revills Shoe Shop, Francis Street, last September, was deported on June 9 in a joint operation between police and the Home Office.

Mr Hayes said: “I have worked with the Home Office and police previously to get people deported from our area who persistently offend and we’ve had some success in doing that over the years.

“As a result of this latest deportation, I’ll be speaking to the Home Secretary to ask that people from a foreign country, who offend in a similar way and can be identified by the police, are sent back to where they originally came from without delay.”

Jalocha’s deportation was backed by Pastor Tomasz Buraczek who leads a church with Polish members in Spalding.

Mr Buraczek said: “This is a shame for us as we want to show the English community in Spalding that we are working on the behaviour of our compatriots here.

“I agree with the police and the Government about deportation but we would like to have an influence in each case as we have some responsibility to try and change their lives.”