Park CCTV cameras have ‘voice of God’

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Troublemakers will get told off via a new “voice of God” CCTV system at Memorial Park in Sutton Bridge.

The parish council has installed an £8,000-plus surveillance system to safeguard things like the children’s play equipment and the public loos day and night.

A loud speaker system at the children’s play area means troublemakers could be stopped in their tracks on the spot with a verbal warning blasted from on high.

Cameras will be monitored from a screen inside the parish office at The Curlew Centre, but key councillors will also monitor cameras from home at any time of day 24/7.

Police investigating crimes at Memorial Park will be given access to CCTV footage.

Parish councillor Vicky Hills said the camera overlooking the play area will also give added peace of mind for parents when their little ones are there.

Coun Hills said there haven’t been any incidents of children being harmed there, but there is repeated vandalism.

The cameras will also watch the front of The Curlew Centre, the car park, the playing field and the interior of the parish office.

The Curlew Centre has its own CCTV cameras inside to make it doubly secure.

Coun Hills said: “It’s the first time the parish council has had its own CCTV cameras.”

Cambridge firm Dent Security Systems Ltd are putting the finishing touches to the system.

Parish council chairman John Grimwood said: “It’s a sad state of affairs that you have got to do something like this, but it’s added security for the kids playing in the Memorial field and it’s added security for the cars.”