Parents will be hit by drink-drive ban

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The loss of his job with a drink-drive ban will hit a man and his parents because he pays the mortgage on their home, his solicitor says.

Gareth Yates was arrested by police who followed his car on Cherry Holt Road, Bourne, in the early hours of April 7.

Spalding magistrates heard he had 58 microgrammes of alcohol in breath – the legal limit is 35mcgs.

Yates turned into Roman Bank and as police arrived on the scene they saw one of three men in the car climbing out through the driver’s side window.

Marie Stace, prosecuting, said Yates and another man were already out of the car.

When asked who was driving, Yates pointed to one of the other men.

Miss Stace said police found the car keys in Yates’ pocket, but he claimed one of the others had thrown them to him.

Yates (22), of Dovecote Estate, Rippingale, was banned from driving for 15 months when he pleaded guilty in court on Thursday to driving with excess alcohol. He was fined £200 with an order for £85 costs and a £20 victim surcharge.

He can cut three months off the ban if he attends a drink-drive rehabilitation course.

Solicitor Carrie Simson said Yates lives with his parents and pays the mortgage as the sole breadwinner in the house.

She said he will lose his job and “that means the mortgage payments cannot be kept up”.

Mrs Simson said Yates worked as a production planner in a local factory and his job requires a driving licence.

“This is going to have an impact not only on him but essentially his family,” she said.

Mrs Simson said Yates had a couple of beers and thought he would be okay, but made a mistake in not eating that day.