One in seven appeal over Spalding parking tickets

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One in seven Spalding motorists handed parking tickets has appealed since a new civil enforcement scheme was launched at the start of December.

Some 219 penalty charge notices were issued in Spalding between December 3 and January 28 for infringements such as parking on double yellows and in disabled bays.

Scheme managers Lincolnshire County Council say there have been 29 appeals so far – 13 unsuccessful, six successful and ten still being processed.

The top three streets where drivers have picked up penalty charge notices are:

l Broad Street (42)

l Sheep Market (37)

l Double Street (29)

And the top three contraventions are:

l Parking longer than allowed (94)

l Parking on yellow 
lines (69)

l Parking in a disabled bay (35)

District councillor Roger Gambba-Jones said: “The abuse of disabled parking facilities is just a disgrace.”

He said the numbers caught out overall are not a big surprise.

“We have all experienced abuse of on-street parking and people have just effectively abandoned their car whenever they chose,” he said.

Coun Gambba-Jone said it is regrettable people are being caught but the new system will bring benefits.

County council parking services officer Matt Jones said: “To be frank, we really don’t want to issue parking tickets at all. We just want to help keep people moving and support local shops with restricted parking outside.

“If drivers aren’t sure what the rules are, they can find all the information within the Highway Code.

“As a simple rule, just check for any yellow line, signs or notices before you park.”