Ofsted called over claims of violence at Spalding school

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A Spalding parent is waiting to hear from Ofsted after she made allegations about the school attended by her two children.

Rebecca Thirkell said she contacted the government inspectors following “serious incidents relating to violence” at Sir John Gleed School.

She said: “I am also greatly concerned that sometimes the children are marked as absent when they are in fact in school, which raises a very big safety issue.”

Her decision to contact Ofsted followed attempts to discuss her concerns with the school. She said: “I emailed an extensive list of issues relating to my own children and the school in general. This was in December and I am still waiting for a reply.”

Last year, Rebecca set up the Gleed School Needs Changes Facebook page.

She said: “The aims of the page are better education for the children, a smoke free and drug free school, the school to remove disruptive students who are preventing children from learning, help with bullying and, most importantly, safety of the children while they are at school.”

Headteacher Janet Daniels said: “I am aware of the Facebook page and that a parent has contacted Ofsted.

“At this stage I am unable to comment as the process is supposed to be confidential and it would not be right.

“However, I have no concerns. There are 1,600 children in the school and for the vast majority of time there is a calm working order in every classroom.

“We have work to do that’s true, but we teach right from wrong and are very tight on discipline.

“Many of the incidents happen outside school and involve a small minority of students.

“Parents are welcome come and have a wander round and see that everything is fine.

“I would much rather concentrate on the positives.”