Nuisance rider crackdown

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A POLICE crackdown on nuisance moped riders in Long Sutton could mean seven riders will end up losing their bikes.

Youngsters aged from 16 to 20 have been seen riding on pavements and racing around car parks, causing a nuisance to other drivers.

Police served seven official warnings which could lead to mopeds being seized and riders being prosecuted if they commit further offences.

Riders would face a whopping bill to retrieve their bikes from police custody – and, if they don’t pay up, the bikes could end up in the crusher.

PCSO Fylippa Bennett, from Holbeach Police Station, said: “Inconsiderate riding of scooters and mopeds has been causing unnecessary distress to local residents.

“We listen to the community and will act upon the issues that cause them concern.

“This action demonstrates that this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated.

“These warnings are attached to the driver and the vehicle so if either is cautioned for the same offence in the next 12 months the vehicle will be seized and we will seek to prosecute the rider.”

The warnings were given under Section 59 of the Police Reform Act.

Police charge culprits £150 for removing the bike and £20 a day for each day it is retained. Bikes can be disposed of if they are not claimed within 21 days.