Nightclub cleans up act over drugs

A member of the public gets their hands swabbed for drugs before getting into Jubilee Nightclub.
A member of the public gets their hands swabbed for drugs before getting into Jubilee Nightclub.
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EDUCATION and cracking down with a zero tolerance approach has helped a nightclub in Bourne show its customers drug users are not welcomed.

Staff at Jubilee Nightclub on North Street have spent weeks working alongside Lincolnshire Police and South Kesteven District Council in a bid to clean up the club’s act after high readings of drugs were found inside.

It culminated in more than 260 people being swabbed by a special itemiser machine, which checks for traces of drugs, as a condition of entry on a Friday night.

The work has been praised by licensing team member Pc Dale Walker, who said it was “the sort of result he would like to get everywhere”.

He said club staff were “horrified” when the first readings were taken: “If I was to go into a bank, I would get readings of 1.1 or 1.2 because bank notes become contaminated over time. However, when you get readings above three, that would indicate drugs use on that surface.

“The readings in Jubilee were up about six and seven.”

Pc Walker said readings inside the club are now very low.

Of the 263 people swabbed on the night, 15 positive hits were found, with 12 very low readings and three in the “very high” category.

All three were searched and, although no drugs were found, they were ejected from the club and barred.

Pc Walker said no one refused to be swabbed and it generated interest from other licensed premises which are keen to take part.

He added: “I do not think I am going to stop drugs completely in Bourne town centre but I am reducing the risk to vulnerable people who may have had drugs sold to them.

“Drugs misuse was taking place. Now it isn’t.”

Bar manager Samantha Waddingham is hoping officers will be returning to the venue to carry out further testing.

She said: “I think the trouble is with a small market town you do not expect it but drugs are everywhere. I was so glad the police came in to raise the issue and get it sorted.

“We had quite a few girls that said they felt safer because the police were doing the drug testing. They knew their drinks would not get spiked. It was a very positive outcome.”