New victims of crime project launched by Lincolnshire Police

Insp Mark Garthwaite.
Insp Mark Garthwaite.
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People who have been victims of crime in south Lincolnshire are being invited to give their views as part of a project run by Lincolnshire Police.

Inspector Mark Garthwaite from the force’s victims and witnesses service, wants to hear from anyone with suggestions as to how police can better help people affected by crime.

“When a crime is committed, the person whose needs we need to be most aware of is the victim,” Mr Garthwaite said.

“Solving a crime and bringing offenders to justice are, of course, important.

“But how we as a police force respond to the victim can have an impact on that person’s life for many years to come.

“As police officers, we spend our working lives dealing with crime but for a member of the public, becoming a victim is thankfully a rare occurrence. “I would like to create a group of victims of crime who would be happy to email feedback on any new ideas we hope will make the trauma of experiencing a crime a more shared experience.”

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