Neighbour attacking dog caught on CCTV

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BARKING dogs drove a neighbour to lash out at one of them with a metal object.

Terry Carter was caught on CCTV striking a German Shepherd on the side of its muzzle with the 18-inch T-shaped object while its owners were out.

Jill Darby, prosecuting at Spalding Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, said the owner, Vincent Kemp, realised something was wrong when he returned home on December 27 when the dog stayed in its kennel rather than going into the house with the other two dogs.

Miss Darby said Mr Kemp checked CCTV footage and saw Carter (45), of Dowsdale Bank, Shepeau Stow, approaching his property.

She said: “He saw the male defendant who lives next door go to the front gate. He had something in his hand, which Mr Kemp describes as an 18-inch T-shaped metal object.

“The dogs were barking and squealing. The defendant can be seen shouting and one hand swinging at the dogs, catching the German Shepherd on it’s muzzle.

“He reviewed the CCTV several times before challenging the defendant.”

Sacha Waxman, defending, said Carter and his wife had moved to Dowsdale Bank from Daventry three months ago “for a quiet life” following a neighbourly dispute over noise.

She said there were no concerns while Mr Kemp was at home but when he went out, the dogs would bark.

“Mr Carter from the outset expressed extreme remorse in relation to this incident and the suffering to the dog,” said Miss Waxman. “His remorse was so strong that when he was offered the chance to watch the CCTV he said he was ashamed at his actions and what happened.”

Miss Waxman said Carter had rescued a number of animals himself.

Presiding magistrate George Hoyles said: “The noise of the dogs got the better of you and you took the matter into your own hands and swung, which is a very sad thing to attack an animal.

“You have obviously reflected on this from the remorse you have shown and the shame you have brought on yourself because of this impulsive action.”

Carter was fined £265 and ordered to pay £85 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.