Nearly 70 found speeding in just half-an-hour

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Nearly 70 drivers were caught exceeding 30mph speed limits during a half-hour spell in Sutton Bridge.

PCSO Toni Musico-Cardillo carried out the check in Bridge Road and New Road on September 29 – and the more than two-a-minute found flouting the law mirrored that of a previous speed-check.

Neighbouring Long Sutton has been plagued by speeding motorists and Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership (LRSP) is now carrying out two covert surveys to find out how bad the problems are.

PCSO Musico-Cardillo told Sutton Bridge parish councillors that she hopes the LRSP can extend its work to Sutton Bridge and she’s hopeful too that Lincolnshire’s roads policing unit will also take action.

In the check carried out on September 29, some 53 drivers were travelling between 30-35mph – 14 were going between 36-40mph, one was travelling between 41-45mph and another was driving between 46-50mph.

Councillors say the problem is worse after dark with drivers seen travelling at about 70mph.

Coun David Dewsberry said there’s often a driver doing 70mph at about 1.30am – the vehicle comes in from Long Sutton, turns at Cross Keys Bridge and goes back.

He said: “I know it’s late at night but that’s not the point.”

Coun Vicky Hills wants police to take action against motorcyclists who are turning the A17 at Sutton Bridge into a race track.

Hundreds backed a petition in Long Sutton in June to demand a crackdown on speeding, drink-driving and irresponsible drivers pulling doughnuts.

The call for action was prompted in part by two serious crashes on London Road, one where a car went through a wall and another where a vehicle landed on its roof.

Long Sutton parish councillor Jack Tyrrell said: “We have had a lot of police presence so a lot of it has actually stopped or calmed down.”

He said the town was grateful for the police action but needs a long-term solution because officers can’t be present all of the time.