Mum had throat ‘squeezed’ by partner

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A MAN grabbed his partner by the throat when a row got out of hand.

Breshnev Ruiters (25) pleaded guilty to assaulting Katarzyna Kozorys at their home on November 25 when he appeared before Spalding magistrates on Thursday

The court heard Kozorys had phoned Ruiters asking him to come home.

Beris Brickles, mitigating, said when Ruiters got there at about 9pm their five-month-old baby needed feeding and bathing.

He started to attend to the baby but at one point the baby became distraught.

Ruiters, of Westlode Street, Spalding, thought Ms Kozorys was ignoring the child because she was on the phone so he snatched the phone out of her hand.

Mr Brickles said Ms Kozorys slapped him to the side of the face and Ruiters retaliated by slapping her quite hard.

The solicitor continued: “The complainant came at him again.

“At that point he grabbed her by the throat.”

Earlier Marie Stace, prosecuting, read from a statement made by Ms Kozorys who said she “couldn’t breathe” when Ruiters “squeezed” her throat.

The court heard Ruiters was cautioned in 2007 for an assault but that was on a man and not connected to domestic violence.

Magistrates gave Ruiters an 18-month conditional discharge and ordered him to pay £85 costs. He admitted assault.

Presiding magistrate Susan Painter told Ruiters: “This will hang over you for 18 months.

“If this were to happen again, you would come back to court and you would have two domestic violence issues and things would look a lot worse.”