Motor part engraving is popular

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FREE engraving events to protect motorists against theft have been hailed as a success by South Holland’s police officers.

Almost 80 drivers took advantage of the scheme organised by Lincolnshire Police to mark catalytic convertors, which have become a target for thieves.

Four events were held throughout South Holland, with officers teaming up with Leeson’s and Tear’s garages in Sutton Bridge, Bush Tyres in Spalding and Rylatt Ford in Pinchbeck.

Eighteen motorists visited Leeson’s, while 17 made the trip to Tears. Officers at Bush Tyres marked 21 catalytic convertors, while a further 22 were done at Rylatt Ford.

The service was free and was offered via a coupon published in the Lincolnshire Free Press and Spalding Guardian.

Sgt Stuart Brotherton said: “I am encouraged by the number of members of the public who have responded to this initiative and took the opportunity for free marking. This will hopefully serve as a deterrent to would-be thieves.

“I took a number of calls asking if the initiative would be repeated as many were not able to accommodate the dates given. With the support of local garages I hope to repeat this in the next couple of months.”