Man with tights on his head performed sex act in public

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A SHOCKED police detective looked out of the station window and saw a man with ladies’ tights over his head performing a sex act.

Rafal Ciesielski (35) was “too desperate” to wait until he got home when he was spotted urinating in Westlode Street car park on August 12 – and went on to perofrm the act.

Ciesielski, originally from Poland, pleaded guilty to committing an act of outraging public decency when he appeared before Spalding magistrates on Thursday.

Marie Stace, prosecuting, said Ciesielski, of Pinchbeck Road, Spalding, was arrested after DC Paul Gurney of Spalding CID saw him urinating in the car park used regularly by shoppers and visitors to the Castle Sports Complex.

“Just after 1pm on August 12, DC Gurney looked out onto the car park off Westlode Street and noticed a man stood with his back to him who was urinating,” Miss Stace said.

“A few moments later, DC Gurney looked back and was quite surprised that the man was still there.”

Miss Stace said the detective then realised Ciesielski was performing an indecent act and noticed the tights pulled over his head and face.

She added that DC Gurney told a colleague, who requested one or two other police officers to meet them at the car park, where Ciesielski was arrested.

When he stopped the sex act, Miss Stace said Ciesielski “pulled his trousers up, removed the tights from round his head and sniffed them” before handing them over to police.

Ciesielski was interviewed and told police he was having personal problems and urinated in the car park after drinking two cans of beer a few hours earlier.

Miss Stace said: “Officers pointed out to him that his home was only a minute away, but Mr Ciesielski said he was too desperate to wait.

“He didn’t know why he wore the tights but he knew that he had bought them from a shop some time ago.

“Mr Ciesielski knew it wasn’t acceptable to do what he did in a public place, but he didn’t expect and didn’t want anyone to see him,

“He has apologised for his actions and he’s very ashamed.”

Mike Alexander, mitigating, said: “The facts tend to speak for themselves and the actions (of Ciesielski) are unusual at best.”

The case was adjourned until September 20 for a pre-sentence report to be prepared.