Man texts sister: ‘Sorry for stealing your iPod, I’ll hand myself in’

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A man sent his sister a text apologising for stealing her iPod and docking station and saying he would hand himself in at the police station.

Nigel Williams, his partner and children visited Lesley Williams at her Pinchbeck home on September 12.

She was in bed but was wakened by her own partner at 9.30am with the news that her brother was downstairs. The family stayed for about 20-25 minutes before heading off.

Rebecca Ritson, prosecuting, said Ms Wiliams learned in the afternoon that her iPod and docking station were missing from the kitchen.

She suspected her brother as they hadn’t had any other visitors.

Ms Williams made inquiries with Cash Generator at Boston who had taken in similar items.

Miss Ritson said Ms Williams later received a text from her brother.

He admitted taking the items and said: “I am in Boston now. I will hand myself in at the police station.”

In interview, Williams told police he got his wife to take the iPod and docking station to the Boston shop, saying he was given them by a friend who owed him money.

Solicitor Carrie Simpson, mitigating, told Spalding magistrates: “He is embarrassed particularly that this is his sister that he has committed this offence against.”

Mrs Simpson said Williams stole as an “act of desperation” as he had no food and no electricity.

He intended to buy back the iPod and docking station from Cash Generator at the end of the week when he received his benefits.

She said he showed “immediate remorse”. Williams is currently serving a 110-hour unpaid work order for a previous offence.

Williams (32), of Monarch’s Road, Sutterton, was given a nine month supervision order and will be electronically tagged for three months while he serves a 7pm-7am curfew. He admitted theft.

Magistrates made no order for costs because of Williams’ limited means. The shop’s £30 pay-out was refunded and the items recovered.