Man punched partner’s sister in drunken act

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A man punched his girlfriend’s sister in the face, causing her to bleed from the mouth, after an argument turned violent.

Marcin Kulka (32), of Winsover Road, Spalding, had been out with his girfriend and returned to her home where the attack on Dominiki Siwczuk happened on September 28.

Kulka admitted assault before Spalding magistrates on Thursday when the case was adjourned until November 28 for a probation report.

Jim Clare, prosecuting, said Dominiki was trying to sleep when she heard “raised voices and slamming doors” from Kulka and his girlfriend who came back at about 10.30pm.

“Dominiki got up and asked them to stop before thinking that Kulka was drunk and then she asked him how much more of his behaviour she would have to take,” Mr Clare said.

“She went back to her room and heard Kulka calling her sister abusive names, such as ‘slut’ and ‘whore’.

“Dominiki came back out and Kulka pushed her in the chest, then she raised her arms in defence and knocked his glasses off his face.”

Mr Clare said Kulka went on to throw some laundry at Dominiki before asking her to give him back a mobile phone he had lent her.

“She took her SIM card out of his phone and threw it at his feet, then the abuse continued until Dominiki’s sister shouted at Kulka to go to his room,” Mr Clare said.

“Dominiki heard him say to her ‘shut up or I’ll hit you’ and she told him to do it.

“Kulka hit her in the mouth with his left fist and she felt pain straight away before putting her hand to her face, taking it back and seeing a lot of blood.

“Despite everything, she never thought Kulka would hit her and she was in shock at what he’d done.”

Mr Clare said Dominiki called the police, despite her sister trying to convince her not to, and Kulka was arrested and charged with assault.

Carrie Simson, mitigating, said a probation report was needed “bearing in mind the level of injuries” and the domestic circumstances surrounding the assault.