Man paid babysitting mum with cannabis

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A DRUG user supplied his mum with cannabis in return for her babysitting for him.

Police seized ten cannabis plants from the home of a Sutton Bridge man who admitted using the drug himself and supplying it to his mum.

Daniel Hood (23), of Princes Street, appeared before Spalding magistrates on Thursday, when he pleaded guilty to growing ten cannabis plants and possessing the drug with intent to supply it to Teresa Reed.

Magistrates ordered a probation report and adjourned sentence to Tuesday, August 23.

Hood had his unconditional bail extended.

Marie Stace, prosecuting, said police executed a search warrant at Hood’s home on July 11.

A young woman answered the door and, when asked if there were any drugs there, she showed officers to the garage, where there were nine 18-inch high cannabis plants in pots.

Officers found a plastic bag of “green vegetable matter” inside the house and another plant.

Miss Stace said Hood told police he used a large amount of cannabis and had decided to grow it himself.

She continued: “He said it was his fourth attempt to grow cannabis and his most successful.

“Two or three times a week he gave cannabis to his mother in exchange for baby sitting.”

Solicitor Andrew Goldsborough, mitigating, said Hood was involved in small-scale cannabis growing for personal use, but accepted he had given ‘social supplies’ to his mother in return for her helping around the house.

He said Hood now realises he has to do something about his cannabis habit.