Made offensive gesture to police in Spalding

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A drunken man made an offensive hand gesture to a passing police car in Spalding and ended up with a £455 bill from Boston Magistrates’ Court.

Valentas Visockis (28), of Coronation Close, Spalding, was in a group of three men on the pavement in King’s Road at 1am on August 6.

Marie Stace, prosecuting, said police stopped the car and an officer went to speak to Visockis.

“He hadn’t seen it was the police – he just thought it was a normal car,” said Miss Stace. “The officer said an ordinary member of the public would have been even more offended.”

She said Visockis was swearing when there were open windows in nearby homes and flicked the lighted cigarette he was holding past the officer’s head.

Magistrates on Wednesday fined Visockis £200 for being drunk and disorderly and ordered him to pay a £150 criminal court charge, £85 towards prosecution costs and a £25 victim surcharge. Visockis pleaded guilty and said he was ashamed and remorseful.