Made ‘gestures’ to police while he had bags of cannabis

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A man carrying bags of cannabis was stopped and searched by police after he made “gestures towards them”.

Officers were on a patrol at 8pm on February 9 in Church Street, Spalding, when their attention was drawn to Paul O’Reilly.

Marie Stace, prosecuting, told magistrates that police asked O’Reilly if he was okay, but he was then abusive.

She said his pupils were dilated and officers carried out a Misuse of Drugs Act search.

O’Reilly admitted he was carrying cannabis and had nine small bags of a green, herbal matter.

Miss Stace said police searched his home, finding three bags of the banned substance.

The total weight of the cannabis seized was 18.8 grammes.

Solicitor Jeremy Roberts, mitigating, said O’Reilly had collected his Jobseeker’s money and used some of it to buy the drug.

Mr Roberts said: “He apologises for being a little abusive, but as soon as the officers said they wanted to conduct a search, he immediately said ‘I have got cannabis on me’. He was very up front.”

O’Reilly (22), of Halmer Gate, Spalding, was fined £75 with £85 costs and a £20 victim surcharge when he admitted possessing the class B controlled drug.