Lorry driver jailed after death crash

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A SPALDING lorry driver who admitted causing the death of a 63-year-old man through careless driving on the M25 has been jailed for nine months.

In a hearing at Chelmsford Crown Court on Tuesday, Dawid Raszkowski (24), of Cortez Close, admitted causing death by careless driving of Coventry man Ian Roberts on 22 October 2009.

Raszkowski was also banned for driving for two years.

The collision took place between Theydon Bois and Navestock in Essex.

Judge Rodger Hayward Smith QC told Raszkowski as he jailed him: “This was not far short of dangerous – the force sent Mr Roberts’ Toyota underneath the lorry in front of his car.”

The accident happened on a stretch restricted to 50mph because of roadworks. Raszkowski claimed he had not been speeding but said he hadn’t seen the Toyota.

However, Judge Hayward Smith said: “You were driving along the M25 at a point where the traffic was restricted to 50mph by roadworks. You were driving an HGV.

“There’s no suggestion you were driving in excess of the speed limit. Mr Roberts was driving a Toyota car ahead of you and ahead of him was a blue Renault lorry.

“Traffic came to a fairly sudden stop and you failed to stop in time – you hit his car in the rear and hit the Renault lorry in the rear.

“Mr Roberts’ car was crushed and the force of the impact sent his car underneath the Renault which shunted forward about one and half metres, as shown on CCTV.

“I’ve seen the images of the three vehicles involved and this is not a case of driving very close behind the Toyota, not tailgating.

“Interviewed by the police after the accident, you said you hadn’t seen the Toyota before starting to brake moments before the impact.

“Although not tailgating, you were paying insufficient attention to your driving and failed to notice Mr Roberts in the Toyota was ahead of you.

“You also failed to notice Mr Roberts was braking because you drove into the back of him. It was not a case of momentary inattention because the Toyota had been in front for an appreciable distance.

“In my conclusion this was not only careless but not far short of dangerous, causing anguish to your own family as well as the deceased. However, I accept your remorse is genuine.”