Lorries make our lives hell

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Lorry drivers are making life hell for bosses by blocking deliveries to their businesses and using the street as a toilet.

Wardentree Park – an industrial estate road of about 100 yards at Pinchbeck – has had as many as 22 HGVs parked on it and is blighted by damage to paving, lampposts and street signs as well as mountains of litter and scores of plastic carrier bags containing human excrement.

HELL ROAD: Business boss Alan Burdall on Wardentree Park, which has been taken over by drivers going to food firms elsewhere.

HELL ROAD: Business boss Alan Burdall on Wardentree Park, which has been taken over by drivers going to food firms elsewhere.

Alan Burdall, boss of Everest Tyres, and Pete Semmence, boss of SVR Industrial Boilers and Valve Engineers, have had deliveries blocked by lorries and cars left by drivers who are using the street as an unofficial lorry park.

They have seen drivers openly urinate in the street and found bags of excrement on their premises.

A recent clean-up by offenders on Community Payback resulted in 70 black bags filled with rubbish – but Mr Burdall said they didn’t have time to clean the whole area and didn’t remove excrement that wasn’t bagged.

Mr Semmence said: “The worst problem is the parking down here. A couple of weeks ago, there were two lorries parked down one side and someone had parked a BMW opposite.

“We had got lorries bringing us some stuff and we had to unload it on the road.”

In September, two of his daughters were clipping the hedge at his business but downed tools after finding two bags of human excrement and a bottle of urine stuffed in the greenery.

Lorries have sheared a lamppost, knocked over street signs and cracked paving.

Mr Burdall said: “I have been knocked down on the footpath by a lorry reversing into me.

“A week last Saturday, I couldn’t get to the unit. You could get a car through, but I wanted a lorry to the unit. The police wouldn’t do anything about it because there are no double yellow lines yet the road was blocked.”

Lorries also park on the path, but Mr Burdall said police describe that spot as a lay-by while the county council say it’s an access point to a field.

Business leaders meet on April 2 to see what they can do to make the authorities take action.

Police say the problem of lorries parking on Wardentree Park has only recently been brought to their attention and there is a wider issue of the area needing a proper lorry park.

Insp Jim Tyner said: “We have been concentrating on similar issues on Enterprise Way and have now extended our operation to include Wardentree Park.”

Glen Chapman, district council senior environmental services officer, said: “We’ve taken steps to try and improve the situation, including installing a litter bin there in recent months, and our street scene team will continue to monitor the situation in non-private areas around there.”