Keep vehicle crime down

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Residents in South Holland are being urged to be extra vigilant following a spate of smash and grab raids on cars in other parts of the county.

Criminals are targeting any vehicle with items on show that are not necessarily expensive. A spokesman for the police said: “We have had an incident where a £3.99 phone charger was targeted and the owner had to replace the broken car window.”

Insp Jim Tyner, of Spalding police, said: “Although there is a rise in vehicle crime across the county, in South Holland we have a 30 per cent reduction in theft from vehicles.

“It is still vitally important, however, that people follow simple crime prevention measures.”

These include:

l Do not forget to lock windows and doors – even if you are only leaving your car for a few minutes.

l Ensure all items are removed from view. Remember if they can sell it or use it, they will steal it.

l Remove Sat Nav suction marks or holders. If they can see these marks, they will be tempted to break in to see what maybe be stored in the glove compartment.

l Park in a well lit street that is used as a pedestrian route, quiet locations are a must for car thieves.

If you see any suspicious activity, call police on 101.