Judge to Chinn as he jails him for 15 months: ‘Nobody is above the law’

15 months' jail: Michael Chinn
15 months' jail: Michael Chinn
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THE head of a multi-million pound empire has been jailed for 15 months after wounding a former girlfriend in a nightclub.

Michael Chinn (37), whose companies have an annual turnover of £30million, threw a beer glass across a crowded nightclub, cutting Meghan Davis’s head.

Chinn (pictured right), of Weston Hills, had denied wounding Miss Davis at Loaded nightclub in Spalding but was found guilty by a jury following a trial last month.

Judge Sean Morris, passing sentence at Lincoln Crown Court yesterday, told Chinn: “You threw a glass across a crowded room. You could easily have blinded somebody.

“You got involved in an argument. There may well have been some provocation and I know you have had some difficulties because of your success. It was the deliberate throwing of a glass into a crowd. The consequences of that could have been horrendous.

“Thankfully the injury was not extremely serious but it is not minor in my view.

“You are a self-made man who has done well. However people have to know that acting like this in a nightclub is not acceptable.

“Just because you have behaved well in the last few years and done a lot for others does not mean you are entitled to special treatment. Nobody is above the law.”

Miss Davis, who told the jury that she had previously dated Chinn, said she was with friends including Cheri-Leigh Lincoln in Loaded when there was “a commotion” around the bar which resulted in Chinn being led away by his private security staff.

She said: “I heard a commotion and the next thing I knew a glass was coming through the air towards me. It hit me on the head. I was bleeding quite heavily. The glass was thrown. I saw it being thrown by Michael Chinn. I saw his hand going back and the action of throwing.”

Miss Davis was helped from the bar area and later taken to hospital along with Miss Lincoln who was left with blood pouring from her head after being struck with an object.

Miss Lincoln said she did not see who threw the item nor did she realise she had been hit until she felt blood.

In evidence Chinn said Miss Davis’ brother Michael had been “mouthing off” at him and his personal security staff moved him (Chinn) away.

He said “I was walking off then a load of liquid went over my back. I reacted and gestured but my guys grabbed hold of me and took me to the doors.

“I didn’t throw anything. Not a bottle, not a tumbler, not a thing.”

Chinn told the jury he took his private security staff with him when he went out because he had been targeted.

He said: “I own several companies. They turnover £30m a year. It causes a few problems.”

Chinn’s barrister Anthony Montgomery added: “This was foolhardy in the extreme but it wasn’t anything that was persisted with. It was one act of folly. He does bitterly regret this incident.”

Chinn, of Old Fendike Road, denied unlawfully wounding Miss Davis on October 1 last year.

The court was told he had a number of previous convictions including two matters of common assault in the mid-90s as well as resisting police, criminal damage and disorderly behaviour but had been out of trouble since 2006.

He was cleared of a second charge of wounding Miss Lincoln on the judge’s directions after the jury heard there was no evidence as to who threw an object which left her with a cut to the head.