Judge says “Every Little Helps” in worker’s bid to pay back Tesco

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A JUDGE quipped “Every Little Helps” as he ordered a worker to sell her car to pay back Tesco for money she stole from the supermarket giant.

Susan Richardson was jailed for nine months earlier this year after she admitted stealing £18,291 from the company’s Market Deeping store where she worked as check-out manager.

A confiscation hearing at Lincoln Crown Court was told today (Wednesday) that the only asset Richardson owned was her car which is worth just £300.

Judge Sean Morris ruled that the car should be sold with the proceeds paid to Tesco as compensation.

The Judge said: “It is only right that and correct that the employer who was so badly deceived receives at least some compensation. Every little helps, I suppose.”

Richardson (43), of Bede Road, Baston, is still serving her prison sentence although she is expected to be released later this month.

She was given three months to sell the car and hand over the proceeds.

A previoius hearing was told that Richardson, who worked for the supermarket company for 20 years, took cash from the firm after getting into financial difficulties.

Prosecutor Loiis Colley said Richardson was in charge of the six self service tills at the store with her duties including topping up the cash float and cashing up the tills.

Richardson carried out the thefts when she was transferring money from the safe to the tills.

Instead of putting the money in the tills she simply pocketed it and then filled in paperwork to hide what she was doing.

She was caught out after a new manager arrived at the store and spotted a discrepancy.