Jail sentence for Spalding street robbers

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Two street robbers mugged a woman after watching her withdraw cash from an ATM machine.

Shane Osbourne and his accomplice Chantelle Learmonth followed the victim through Spalding after spotting her using the cash machine.

Osbourne then approached her from behind and grabbed her bag as she walked along Winsover Road.

Mary Prior, prosecuting, at Lincoln Crown Court, said: “These two defendants watched the victim, who was by herself, obtaining money from a cash machine in the town centre.

“They then followed her for between 15 and 20 minutes.

“At various stages the complainant was aware she was being followed.

“Twice they asked her for a cigarette. Twice she refused.

“When she was quite near to where she lived she heard footsteps behind her.

“Osbourne ran quickly towards her and grabbed her bag.

“She didn’t let go. He continued to run holding the bag.

“When it became apparent that she had not let go he pushed her with sufficient force to knock her to the ground causing her to hurt her wrist.

“He took her bag and ran off.

“As he ran the complainant could hear Learmonth laughing.”

Osbourne and Learmonth, who had both been drinking heavily throughout the day, were arrested later.

Osbourne (26),of St Thomas’ Road, Spalding, and Learmonth, formerly of Spalding, but now of Quinton, Birmingham, each admitted robbery on May 16.

Osbourne also admitted perverting the course of justice by asking two witnesses to change their evidence against him.

They were each jailed for 27 months.

Neil Sands, for Osbourne, said he had been staging at a drug rehabilitation centre and had been making progress until committing the offence.

Laura Pitman, for Learmonth, said she moved to Spalding to receive treatment for a drug problem after being released from an 18-month custodial sentence for house burglary.

Miss Pitman said “Initially her compliance was described as being excellent but sadly she was tempted and took drugs again.

“This is something she bitterly regrets.”