Is CCTV rethink on the cards for Sutton Bridge?

News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
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A village poorly served by a “glitch” ridden CCTV system is now taking a fresh look at joining South Holland’s new scheme.

Sutton Bridge had two cameras – one of which was out of action – and could never get any facts or figures on whether any criminals were caught in the act.

One councillor had her fence demolished when a car careered through her garden, which wasn’t caught on camera, and the council chairman, John Grimwood, said there were ‘glitches’ on three occasions when he wanted footage.

Because of those flaws – and fears police would be too slow to respond – the council recently decided to opt out altogether unless a free trial could be arranged.

A free trial was refused, but police sergeant Gareth Boxall persuaded the parish council to take another look.

He told the parish council that cameras mean police arrive on the scene armed with much more information and can begin looking for culprits straight away.

The new cameras are monitored round-the-clock from Boston, instead of part-time by volunteers at Spalding, and Sgt Boxall said he would try to get facts and figures on how outlying villages were served when the parish council has a special meeting to re-examine its decision to opt out.