Injunction to bring end to ‘nightmare neighbour’ hell

Christine Boneham's home in Westhorpe Road, Gosberton
Christine Boneham's home in Westhorpe Road, Gosberton
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AN ME sufferer who was made a virtual prisoner in her own home by a “neighbour from hell” has spoken of her relief after an injunction was granted to end the misery.

The woman, who did not wish to be named, said the stress of living next door to “little Beirut”, had exacerbated her symptoms – leaving her unable to drive and get away from the shouting, swearing and abuse which has dogged the otherwise quiet street.

She said: “It has been vile. They stand out there shouting and swearing and the language is really disgusting.

“With my ME I do need to sleep else I’m dead on my legs, but at times I haven’t been able to sleep for a couple of days at a time because of them.

“One of her visitors even threatened to smash my face in and kill my partner.

“I am now on morphine patches because the stress has made the pain much worse.

“We have now been told that if she does carry on she could have the house taken off her or even go to prison, so the injunction is fantastic news, but I fear it could still get worse before it gets better.”

South Holland District Council won an injunction against Christine Boneham (43), of Westhorpe Road, Gosberton, after she, her children and visitors were reported for regularly shouting, screaming, swearing and playing loud music.

The problems had been going on for a number of months, with neighbours saying police had been called on a number of occasions.

Another neighbour, who also did not wish to be named, said the quiet rural street which looks out over open fields, had been like a “little Beirut”.

He said: “The trouble is she is unable to control her kids so she is always out there swearing and shouting at them.

“She also has a few visitors and on occasion all hell has broken loose – one night it sounded like someone was murdering one of the kids.

“But, I do feel a bit sorry for them. People say they are a bad family but I just think she’s a lonely woman and bad by association with the people she hangs around with.”

Mrs Boneham politely declined the opportunity to talk too much about the situation to the Spalding Guardian, but did say: “I think the injunction is a bit unfair. It has not been as bad as they say it has.”

Coun Christine Lawton, portfolio holder for housing, said: “This tenant’s behaviour has been wholly unacceptable and we, as responsible landlords, must act to protect local residents.

“We will not tolerate anti-social behaviour and will take a very firm line with those who make life a misery for their neighbours.

“We value our good tenants, but those whose behaviour is unacceptable must accept the consequences.”