‘I was offered £100 for this attack on me’

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A young mum who was hurt in a savage unprovoked assault in Spalding says she is horrified her attacker could have “bought her way out of committing a crime”.

Hayley Clayton took a vicious punch to the head that left her unconscious as she waited with her husband, Mark, outside Loaded nightclub in August.

Since then, the 32-year-old from Moulton Seas End says she has not been in Spalding alone because “it isn’t safe and the woman who attacked me knows who I am”.

When police caught her attacker, it did nothing to reassure her. She said: “The woman told the police in interview that she did it for no reason and knew it was wrong.

“The police called me and said ‘Mrs Clayton we have the female and you have two options - she can pay you £100 and write you a letter of apology or she can have a caution, but you can’t have both.

“We wanted her to have a record in case she does this again, so we chose the caution.

“It is disgusting that you can buy your way out of committing a crime. What is our country coming to?”

Ins Jim Tyner said: “The aim of the adult caution scheme is to offer a proportionate response where the offender has admitted the offence.

“Cautions are designed to deliver swift, simple and effective justice that also carries a deterrent effect for first-time offenders. We also record an individual’s criminal conduct for possible future reference.

“This is not about taking short-cuts, but cautions are effectively used to increase the amount of time my officers spend dealing with other crime and reduce the amount of time they spend completing paperwork and attending court. Like most people, I would much rather my officers are out on patrol.

“Where a victim has suffered financial loss as a result of an assault, they can apply to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.”