‘I didn’t try to kill her,’ says accused

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A POLISH migrant has denied trying to kill a Spalding woman who said she thought her heart was going to be ripped out during an alleged random attack.

Christine Seymour (58) fought back tears in court as she desribed how Andrzej Chranowski (34) pushed his fingers across her chest after stabbing her with a pair of scissors in their shared property at Green Lane.

Chranowski was named by Miss Seymour as her attacker after she survived four potentially life threatening wounds – including one centimetres from her heart.

But giving evidence at Lincoln Crown Court, Chranowski denied attempting to murder Miss Seymour and told the jury he suffered injuries at her hands after a row in the living room of the property in Green Lane.

The prosecution allege Chranowksi stabbed Miss Seymour with a pair of surgical scissors in a passageway outside the house after first wounding their fellow housemate, Pawel Kaczmarczyk.

Giving evidence from behind a screen, an emotional Miss Seymour told the jury it felt like Chranowski was trying to rip her heart out.

But speaking through a Polish interpreter Chranowski denied going into the passageway and harming Miss Seymour – telling the jury he remained on the stairs and only noticed she was bleeding when she came back into the house.

Chranowski said: “She was on the floor trying to get up. I noticed blood on her clothing but I did not see any wounds.

“I was still on the stairs, she was trying to get up and went into her bedroom. I followed her. She was sitting up on her own bed.

“I noticed something in her hands, I took them from her, I saw they were scissors.

“I heard some movement behind me and there was a police officer. He was pointing at the scissors.”

After being caught with the scissors It is alleged Chranowski told the officer: “I killed her with this.”

But giving evidence Chranowski told the jury he was trying to explain it may have been the scissors which Miss Seymour used to injure him during a row in the living room.

Miss Seymour was rushed to the Pilgrim Hospital in Boston where she underwent life saving surgery for her injuries which included a main stab wound 8.5 cms long and 4.5 cms deep.

Chranowski was arrested at the scene but claimed somebody else was repsonsible for the attack on Miss Seymour when he was questioned by police.

He denies attempting to murder Miss Seymour on 2 February, and two further charges of wounding and threatening Mr Kaczmarczyk.

nThe trial continues.