Hurt mum in phone tussle

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A mum fell and hurt her arm when her son tried to grab her phone to stop her calling the police.

Luke Bloodworth (23) was living with his mum, Julie Bloodworth, in St Paul’s Road, Spalding, and lost his temper when his sister came to stay because he didn’t want her living there rent free when he paid rent.

Nick Todd, prosecuting, said Bloodworth became angry and during a tussle over the phone Mrs Bloodworth fell and bruised her arm.

He said Mrs Bloodworth “doesn’t want him to come back”.

Bloodworth, of Roman Bank, Spalding, pleaded guilty to assault and Boston magistrates on Wednesday adjourned sentence to June 18 for a probation report.

Solicitor Mark Hudson, mitigating, said Bloodworth didn’t deliberately set out to injure his mother.

He said: “His mother wanted to telephone the police and he didn’t want her to do that.”