Hunt is on for culprit who shot moggy Alfie

Alfie with owner Shelley Flounders of Whaplode.
Alfie with owner Shelley Flounders of Whaplode.
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A Whaplode family has been left heartbroken after its pet tabby cat was shot at the weekend.

Four-year-old ginger and white cat Alfie needed exploratory surgery after his bowel was punctured in five places when he was shot at his home in High Road some time before 9.30am on Saturday.

Alfie with Shelley Flounders.

Alfie with Shelley Flounders.

The tabby also had a kidney injury when he was treated by vets in Peterborough where Alfie was taken after blood was found on his body.

Alfie’s owner Shelley Flounders (33) said: “Me and my son went out into the garden to put a paddling pool out which was when Alfie got out of the house.

“At about 9.30am, my husband went upstairs and he noticed the cat under my son’s bed.

“We thought it was a bit strange but didn’t notice any injuries at the time and Alfie eventually came out from under the bed.

“It was then that my husband noticed some blood on his right side and a puncture wound, but we didn’t think for a second that someone had shot Alfie because Whaplode is a nice, little village where no one would do something like that.”

But vets at Youngs Veterinary Partnership in Peterborough confirmed that Alfie had been shot with either a pellet, BB or airgun and that surgery was needed to prevent infection of his wounds.

Shelley said: “It’s been very upsetting, to put it mildly, because Alfie is such an affectionate cat and he’s like my little baby because someone bought him for me as a present.

“I’m very angry that someone could do something like this to him and we’ve got two other cats and a dog that I don’t want to let out of the house now.”

An RSPCA spokesman said: “It is very distressing for the family to see their much-loved pet in pain and suffering so needlessly.

“But unfortunately, we see far too many cases of injuries inflicted by air guns every year and it is dreadful to think that people take pleasure in causing such horrific injuries to defenceless animals.

“These are deliberate acts of cruelty and we would appeal to people’s consciences not to commit such an atrocious offence.”

Anyone with information can call the RSPCA on 0300 123 8018 or police on 101, quoting incident 289 of July 5.