Homeless man lives in friend’s shed – magistrates told

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A homeless man, who lives in a friend’s shed, caused a disturbance outside a town supermarket after he had been pestering customers for cigarettes.

Police were called to Spalding branch of Lidl at 2pm on May 30 and spoke to Mark Jackson.

Rebecca Ritson, prosecuting, said Jackson was shouting and swearing while officers attempted to obtain his details.

He told police he hadn’t done anything wrong.

Police asked him to keep his “language down”, but he replied with a single swear word.

Officers believed he was under the influence of drugs, because his behaviour was erratic, and he used obscenities with members of the public and children present.

Solicitor David Lee said there were no drugs involved and Jackson was “totally clean” after help from DART, but he had been drinking and is seeking help from his GP.

The solicitor said there were positive signs that Jackson, who lives in a friend’s shed, is sorting out his problems.

“He feels personally ashamed because there were children present,” Mr Lee said.

Jackson (32) admitted a public order offence and was given a two year conditional discharge.