Holbeach: Is CCTV worth using?

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SWITCHING off CCTV cameras in Holbeach could be an option if councillors do not believe the system is worthwhile.

Coun Esmond Tearle suggested Holbeach Parish Council may wish to follow in the footsteps of Sleaford and Lincoln and opt out of the scheme if they believe it is a waste of money.

Coun Tearle presented his research into the CCTV scheme to the parish council on Monday and outlined what he believed councillors should be investigating next.

Coun Tearle said: “At the time it was going to be a good thing but now we know its not monitored properly. Is it worthwhile having it at all?”

Councillors were told the current system costs £5,500 per year and is part of a service level agreement between South Holland District Council and Holbeach Parish Council.

Coun Tearle said the agreement could be terminated at any time by either the district or the parish councils by giving 12 months notice.

However, he questioned whether the town was getting value for money, whether the council should “do away” with the system, if local businesses could provide coverage with their own systems or if an alternative was available solely for Holbeach.

Coun Peter Savory said: “Looking at this there is a lot of questions and very few answers. I would suggest we set up a working party to look at it and get some answers.”

He added: “We can not have any more discussions on it at the moment.”

Coun Rita Rudkin said she has asked for the findings of a district council review into the CCTV scheme to be sent to parish councils in Holbeach, Long Sutton and Sutton Bridge.

“Another councillor did say that if the district council did not wake up to the fact that they rely on parish councils for support and did not show willing, they could find some support has been withdrawn,” she said.

Speaking about the possibility of having a CCTV monitoring system in the parish office, Arthur Male said: “The main problem is after the office has closed at night time. Then how do you get staff?”

Coun Tearle suggested the council write to South Holland District Council and “let them know we are not pleased”. He also suggested notice should be given to end the current CCTV agreement.

Further enquiries are now to made to South Holland District Council into the agreement, with a letter also voicing their concerns.