Hit heavily pregnant teenager

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A BOURNE man has been told he was “very close” to going to prison after hitting a teenager who was seven months pregnant.

Luke Michael Templeman (19), of Stanley Street, struck the 16-year-old girl across her nose and lip with the back of his hand during the assault which happened at his home on December 18.

On Thursday, magistrates gave him a two-year community order and ordered him to pay £300 costs.

The case had been adjourned from May 3.

Rebecca Ritson, prosecuting, said there had been a struggle over a mobile telephone and he had leaned on the girl’s stomach area, resulting in her being sick in the toilet and on a duvet.

Miss Ritson said she had been physically upset and crying and Templeman had been swearing and ranting at her. She said: “He hit out at her with his hand when they were sitting together in the living room. She said he lashed out with the back of his hand on her nose and lips.

“She screamed and saw blood.”

Miss Ritson said the girl then shouted for Templeman’s parents who were also in the house.

Defending, his solicitor Ann Whinyates said: “He is very young and did something extremely stupid, which he regrets. He admitted the offence on the day of his trial.”

Presiding magistrate Jo Sumner told Templeman he had come “very close” to going to prison.