Help catch play park vandals in Donington

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Residents in Donington are being urged to be vigilant after a spate of vandalism in the play park.

Recent attacks have caused more than £100 worth of damage – and local volunteer group Donington IDEA have been left to foot the bill.

Coun Jane King said: “It is really a case of mindless vandalism in the play park. A small piece of rubber from a playhouse costs in excess of £100 which the Donington IDEA group have to fund.

“A picnic table in the play area was pulled up and dumped in a dyke. Why?

“Shrubs have been pulled up, sat on and walked over. Benches and storage sheds doors have been damaged and the bandstand tiles pulled off the roof.

“The park is there for the enjoyment of everyone and it is soul destroying and expensive when we hear of and have to deal with these issues.”

Anyone who witnesses vandalism should call police on 101.