‘He risked the life of our baby’ – girlfriend

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A man attacked his girlfriend while he was driving and 
almost had a couple of head-on crashes when their baby was in the car.

Evidence about the attack in the moving car emerged only when Daniel Holyoak (31), of Spalding Road, Gosberton, had committed his second assault on his ex-wife, Georgina Holyoak.

Boston magistrates heard Holyoak assaulted his ex-wife in the street when he was upset over a family matter on December 9 and again after she left the police station on February 2 because he was angry she hadn’t withdrawn her original complaint against him.

Holyoak was arrested at his girlfriend’s address and while he was in custody it was revealed he had assaulted her as they were driving to Boston from Wisbech.

Shelley Wilson, prosecuting, said the couple got as far as Long Sutton when Holyoak grabbed her by the hair at the back of her head, shook her head by her hair and then punched her forehead

In a statement, the girlfriend told police: “We almost had a couple of head-ons because we were driving across the road.”

As they neared Boston, Holyoak again grabbed her by the hair and tried to “bang my face on his knee”.

The girlfriend continued: “We pulled up in the car park and Daniel checked my face for marks and asked if I was going to the police. This was only because he was hoping to get back into childcare.

“He risked the life of our baby and I was scared because of that.”

Mrs Wilson told the court: “I would suggest that takes it to the very, very top end of a common assault.”

Earlier, Mrs Wilson told the court that Holyoak had kicked his ex-wife in the back of her leg on December 9. At the time he was subject to a non-molestation order imposed by Peterborough Family Court – an order that continues until April 17.

She said Mrs Holyoak allowed him to get into her car following her police station visit, but he ended up punching the rear view mirror – which smashed – and then punched her head four or five times.

Mrs Holyoak told police: “I was screaming and the punches stopped.”

Magistrates committed Holyoak in custody to Lincoln Crown Court for sentence.

Presiding magistrate Julie Nuttall said: “These are very, very serious offences and would have been very frightening for everybody concerned and for all passers-by as well.”

Holyoak, who appeared in custody on Wednesday, pleaded guilty to three counts of common assault, two breaches of a non-molestation order and criminal damage.

Solicitor John Storer, mitigating, said: “Holyoak fully accepts that his behaviour in this matter has been awful.”

He outlined background to the couple’s five-year marriage, which ended in divorce in November 2013, and family matters that had caused him to be upset.

Mr Storer told magistrates: “It is clearly a matter for you. I understand what my friend (the prosecutor) says about sentencing guidelines, but I would ask you to consider having a pre-sentence report at this stage to see whether this is a matter that can be dealt with.

“It would be very unusual for a man – effectively with his first real offences – to receive a custodial sentence.”