Group of seven arrested in A16 immigration swoop

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Six men and a boy have been arrested on suspicion of entering the UK illegally after they were found in the back of lorry on the A16 in Crowland.

The men, four Iranians and two Iraqis, and the boy were arrested after the lorry driver heard banging inside the vehicle at about 7am on Monday.
All six men are in police custody and will handed over to Home Office Immigration Enforcement officials, while a boy under 18 is in the care of social services.

A Home Office spokesman said: “We work closely with the police to tackle illegal immigration and continue to strengthen the security of our border to stop those who have no right to enter the UK.

“If people have a genuine need of protection then they should claim asylum in the first safe country they reach. 
“However, if they are just seeking to evade immigration control they need to know that they are risking their lives and they will be caught.

“The new Immigration Act makes it harder for people to live in the UK illegally and, therefore, harder for illegal immigrants to abuse our benefits and public services.”

“The Act also makes it easier for us to remove people by reducing the number of appeals and where someone is found to have no legal right to remain in the UK, we will take action to remove them.”