Glassing at pub

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COLLEGE student Justin Baldwin threw a pint glass at another man in Spalding’s Punchbowl pub, causing cuts and bruises.

Baldwin (19) became angry with Kevin Durran after asking for a cigarette and Mr Durran told him he didn’t have one, Spalding magistrates heard.

John Mitchell, prosecuting, said door staff restrained Baldwin when he became aggressive, but he was struggling to get free and shouting to Mr Durran that he was going to get him. He threw a beer glass which smashed in Mr Durran’s face.

Baldwin told police Mr Durran said something, causing him to “flip out”, and he threw the pint glass, intending it to hit the wall behind Mr Durran.

Baldwin, of Marian Road, Boston, was told by magistrates he might easily have gone to prison. He was given a year-long community order, told to do 180 hours’ unpaid work, pay £85 costs and give £100 compensation to Mr Durran.

He pleaded guilty to the assault, which happened at 1.20am on December 17.

Solicitor Andrew Goldsborough, mitigating, said Baldwin was under the influence of drink but was not drunk.