Given chance to beat his drug habit and find work

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A reformed drug user has the chance to prove he has quit his habit for good and find work before magistrates sentence him.

Simon Taylor (29), of Bedford Place, Spalding, was arrested after police searched his home on April 10 and found heroin and cannabis on the premises as well as a provisional driving licence belonging to someone else.

Magistrates heard Taylor had quit heroin, that the drug was there from his previous use, and he only smokes cannabis “once in a blue moon”.

The court heard Taylor found the driving licence, but put it in a drawer and forgot about it rather than handing it in.

Solicitor Mike Alexander, 
for Taylor, said there was a two-year gap in Taylor’s offending from 2009 when his father stepped in, took control of the situation and found him work, and there was no need for drugs.

In 2011 more drugs came in and by February 2013, after his father died unexpectedly, Taylor “went off in a spiral of depression and drug use”.

Mr Alexander said Taylor went down to seven-and-a-half stones and his mother was “extremely worried about him”.

He said Taylor tried to get counselling and is still waiting for that counselling to come through.

Mr Alexander said Taylor was sentenced to a drug rehabilitation requirement last November and no longer uses heroin.

“That order is finished and yet he’s still volunteering to have tests to show to himself more than anyone else that he can still test negative for drugs,” said Mr Alexander.

He said when police found heroin at his home, Taylor didn’t know it was there – it was a very small quantity and must have been there from his previous use.

“He says once in a blue moon, he may have some cannabis,” said Mr Alexander. “It’s not with any regularity.”

Mr Alexander said Taylor is on methadone but wants to get off that completely.

“He says ‘well dad would have wanted me to look after mum and look after myself’,” said Mr Alexander.

He said Taylor is having all of his teeth removed on June 26 as a result of his lifestyle – and having them replaced.

The solicitor said Taylor is also due to start a new job through a family friend.

Boston magistrates deferred sentence to September 24 so they can review his conduct.

The court also wants to see if Taylor continues his voluntary drug testing and to provide evidence that he is seeking or has obtained work.

Taylor pleaded guilty to possession of heroin, possession of cannabis and theft by finding.