Generous readers help after dog attacked

Doris with injured George just after the attack.
Doris with injured George just after the attack.
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Pensioner Doris Dossetter has been bowled over by people generously donating hundreds of pounds towards a vet’s bill after her blind dog was savaged in a village park.

And she’s delighted that Long Sutton Parish Council is pressing police to enforce a local bylaw to stop owners letting their dogs off leads.

Speaking at Thursday’s meeting, parish council chairman John Clarey called for police to act.

He said: “It could have been a child and not a dog and it could have been very serious.”

Coun Clarey quoted from the bylaw and Pc Darren Enderby promised police would do “what we can to enforce this one”.

Mrs Dossetter (90) watched in horror as a Labrador attacked her rescue dog, George, ripping a lump out of his tummy near to the children’s play area in Cinder Ash Park on Sunday, January 22.

The Chinese Crested Powder Puff was left bleeding and had emergency surgery costing £800.

Two readers who asked to remain anonymous each donated £200.

One of them, a woman who shows dogs, told us: “I think it’s dreadful that somebody would let their dog do that.

“I am very against dogs running loose and being out of control.”

A donation of £100 came in from husband and wife, Mark and Gill Loosemore, who had a pet attacked in similar circumstances.

Mrs Loosemore said they really feel for Mrs Dossetter.

She said: “We are a little bit younger and we know how traumatic this can be.”

Coffee drinkers who meet on Wednesdays at Gosberton Church Hall are donating £50.

One of the group organisers, Sandra Wakefield, also had a pet dog savaged and said: “We try each month to donate to some charity.”

Mrs Dossetter says she received £30 in an envelope addressed to “Georgie” and has really been taken aback by people’s generosity.

She said: “I wish them all the best in the world, I really do, and if I can help anyone I will.”

Mrs Dossetter said she would not like to see dogs banned from the park but would like to see them kept on leads so there are no more attacks either on pets or children.