FULL STORY: Thugs did this to hero who tried to save woman

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A MAN was savagely beaten and left with a badly smashed upper jaw and two black eyes when he tried to rescue a woman who was being assaulted.

Forklift driver David Bourne was walking home from his darts match at The Lincoln Arms on Monday night when he spotted a woman held in a headlock by a man outside Spalding’s St Mary and St Nicolas Church.

But when he tried to help, the 36-year-old was punched by one man and police believe two other men joined in the attack.

Mr Bourne was out cold on the ground, but staggered home alone to Alexandra Road and called his girlfriend, Pauline Walton, who took him to Boston’s Pilgrim Hospital.

Yesterday he was transferred to Lincoln County Hospital where surgeons will try to mend his jaw.

Police have appealed for witnesses and Ms Walton has launched a campaign on Facebook to help police find the attackers.

She said: “He was standing after the first hit but next he knew he was waking up on the floor.

“He has a broken jaw, two black eyes, lumps the size of eggs on his eyebrow and the back of his head and his right hand side of his face is swollen like a balloon.

“He is a mess.”

Ms Walton was at Mr Bourne’s side when he was transferred from Pilgrim to Lincoln County.

Trisha Bourne, David’s sister, said: “They have made a right mess of him. He’s gone to Lincoln and they are having a look at his jaw because it’s broken at the top bit in several places.

“He is in a hell of a lot of pain.”

Miss Bourne said her brother was so badly injured the family have no idea how he managed to get home.

The attack happened at about 10.30pm and he phoned his girlfriend for help at about 11.25pm.

She said: “Anybody will tell you David is a lovely bloke. He will do anything for anybody.”

Miss Bourne said the family’s Facebook appeal is designed to help the police catch the culprits.

She said: “We hope the police get whoever did this. We are leaving it in the hands of the police and let them do their job.”

The Facebook appeal has been inundated with messages condemning the attack and sending good wishes for Mr Bourne to get well soon

Mr Bourne was educated at Gleed Boys’ School, Spalding, and worked for Worldwide Fruit before moving to Fowler Welch about six or seven years ago.

nDC Paul Gurney has appealed for witnesses to contact police on 101.